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How to: Install Aspel SAE using a MS SQL database instead of the default Paradox

Obtained entirely from: http://aspelsae.blogspot.com/2007/04/como-configurar-aspel-sae-40-en-sql.html Como configurar ASPEL SAE 4.0 en SQL 2005 Por Jorge Macias Esta guia contempla el uso del sistema ASPEL 4.0 y el Microsoft SQL 2005. Requerimientos: Server: Se debe de contar con un servidor Windows 2003, preferiblemente con el ultimo service pack. En mi caso yo utilice la version Enterprise Edition RC2 …

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How to delete/drop all the tables from a SQL Server database

I’ve recently been working on a data migration and I constantly been needing to delete all the tables in the db and start over. After doing some research I came across this hidden stored procedure in SQL Server that allows you to delete each table in the database you are connected to. Use this extremely …

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How to: Stop iPhoto from opening every time I connect my iPhone or iPad

It’s starting to get really annoying that every time I connect one of my iOS devices iPhoto shows up when all I want to do is either charge the device or sync it. Well, there are two solutions to this problem that I know of: a) IF you’re on Snow Leopard or later you can configure what application to …

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