How to: Install Office 365 ProPlus / Business on a RDS Server (Terminal Server / MultiPoint Server) using Shared Computer Activation – Office 2016 version

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  1. Jason says:

    Very interesting. I tried to download and install office 365 pro from Microsoft o365 portal on my Windows 2016 MPS (MultiPoint) server, one day late, o355 failed to launch with warning that I need volume license of office edition to make this work on 2016 MPS, Then I uninstalled o365 and install office 2016 pro with volume license, it failed again with the same error. How can I download o365 pro full installation binary? can you please explain a bit about how to prepare install binary location, share folder preparation, etc for ()>?

    BTW, why there are two different Product IDs , in the XML file? If I install volume license version of Office 2016 pro, what these two product IDs I should put instead, respectively.


    • Juan Carlos says:

      Sorry, I placed other options just as additional information but I see now that was confusing. You only need the one product which is ProPlusRetail. The key here is using the “SharedComputerLicensing” setting to get it to work with your Office365 E3+ license. Additionally you don’t need the source path, it can download it from the Internet. It is useful just if you deploy to more than one computer over the network. I’ve added the XML at the end of the post. Hope this helps!

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