How to: Install Office 365 ProPlus / Business on a RDS Server (Terminal Server / MultiPoint Server) using Shared Computer Activation – Office 2013 version

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4 Responses

  1. Alan Wright says:

    Maybe ought to mention this won”t work on small business premium as it requires pro plus licensing on RDS and only Enterprise or an open agreement allows this.

    • JCBauza says:

      You’re absolutely right. An agent told me if I got volume license Office 365 business premium it would work as it is an enterprise agreement… but no. You necessarily require Office 365 E3 or above (Enterprise version).

  2. DF says:

    “I believe I figured out how to get it working but I will confirm once I have an Office 365 Business user up and running.” Any luck?

    • Juan Carlos says:

      No, I have resorted to purchasing E3s for all the users that require shared activation. For everyone else I am getting business premium licenses. If you manage to get them working let us know, it would be nice to get cheaper licenses for everyone.

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