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Custom NginX Distribution – Available Packages

Custom NginX Distribution – Available Packages As part of the custom NginX distribution available on this site, there are a few packages you can chose from depending on your needs that can be deployed. Below is the list of packages, additional information and description: Different packages available: Package: nginx Architecture: all Depends: nginx-full | nginx-light, This …

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Changes with NginX 1.5.7

Changes with NginX 1.5.7 Below are the list of changes from the 1.5.6 release of NginX to version 1.5.7. This is provided as reference only and was obtained from: http://nginx.org/en/CHANGES   Changes with nginx 1.5.7 19 Nov 2013 *) Security: a character following an unescaped space in a request line was handled incorrectly (CVE-2013-4547); the bug …

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Custom NginX Distribution

Custom NginX Distribution I created a custom NginX distribution to address the need of NginX with the purge cache plugin in newer Ubuntu versions. The source can be obtained from Github: https://github.com/JCBauza/NginX/ and the PPA for your system at: https://launchpad.net/~cloudingenium/+archive/nginx-mainline. Stable vs Mainline There are two PPAs available: One for the Stable releases and one for the Mainline releases. In a post to …

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