September 2011 archive

How to: Enable anonymous access on SharePoint?

Sometimes you need to publish a site anyone should be able to see or maybe even add information to. In order to do this you need to have Anonymous access enabled on the site. One step many people miss is that anonymous access has to be enabled at the web application level otherwise it is …

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What character escape sequences are available in C#.Net?

C# defines the following character escape sequences: ‘ – single quote, needed for character literals ” – double quote, needed for string literals  – backslash  – Unicode character 0 a – Alert (character 7) b – Backspace (character 8) f – Form feed (character 12) n – New line (character 10) r – Carriage return (character 13) t – Horizontal tab (character 9) …

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Most commonly used Regex expressions

Lately as part of my work I came across the need to validate some fields and realized probably there should be some common Regex expressions out there I could leverage. This came about because I was doing some code reviews and the validations were not working as intended and I wanted to find some generally …

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