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How to read, write and delete registry entries

this information was obtained from: WSHShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell") *!* Create Registry KeysWSHShell.Popup( "Create key HKCUMyRegKey with value 'Top level key'")WSHShell.RegWrite( "HKCUMyRegKey", "Top level key") WSHShell.Popup( "Create key HKCUMyRegKeyEntry with value 'Second level key'")WSHShell.RegWrite(...

Useful tools

Free repackager of InstallShield (info: Orca.msi.Note: This file comes with the Microsoft Platform SDK.See: will be installed in: "C:Program FilesMicrosoft Platform SDKBin".See also:

QuickTime silent install

Download the QuickTimeFullInstaller.exe file from: And, place the below text file [or similar] in the same directory as the above installer file: text file: QuickTimeInstaller.ini [QTSETUP]32Bit=FALSE16BIT=FALSENO_DIALOGS=TRUESHOW_SAMPLE=FALSESHOW_README=FALSESHOW_PROGRAMFOLDER=FALSEREGISTRATION_DIALOG=FALSELICENSE_OPTION=2SUPPRESS_SPEED_DIALOG=TRUESUPPRESS_PROXY_DIALOG=TRUEINSTALL_QTJAVA=TRUEINSTALL_QD3D=TRUEINSTALL_QTINFO=TRUE[QTPREFS]SHOW_HOTPICKS=FALSEConnectionSpeed=1.5 Mbps T1/Intranet/LANCSMultipleStreams=0 this information was obtained from:...

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How to configure your Client Computer

Configure the Client ComputersTo use File Services for Macintosh to share folders on the server with the client computers, configure the client computers as follows:•    Install Microsoft User Authentication Module (UAM) on the client...