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Microsoft’s DHCP Failover

Microsoft‘s DHCP Failover One of the new cool features in Windows Server is DHCP Failover. Think of it as a way to replicate your DHCP across two servers in order to provide failover or...

What is http://adminwebservice.microsoftonline.com?

What is http://adminwebservice.microsoftonline.com? The web address: http://adminwebservice.microsoftonline.com is generally used by applications like the Windows Azure Active Directory Sync tool (to sync with Microsoft’s online Azure AD service) to authenticate against those services.

How to: Resolve Windows error 0x8004FE33 indicating client activation failure

How to: Resolve Windows error 0x8004FE33 indicating client activation failure I’ve been having a few issues with my SharePoint 2013 installation which has forced me to dive into the event log to see what possible errors might...