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Dec 14

Enumeration: What are the different SharePoint permission levels and their enumeration values?

You can learn more about this here: but basically below is the information you’re looking for obtained from the source code: namespace Microsoft.SharePoint {     // Summary:     //     Specifies the built-in permissions available in Windows SharePoint Services.     [Flags]     public enum SPBasePermissions     {     …

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Sep 27

How to: Enable anonymous access on SharePoint?

Sometimes you need to publish a site anyone should be able to see or maybe even add information to. In order to do this you need to have Anonymous access enabled on the site. One step many people miss is that anonymous access has to be enabled at the web application level otherwise it is …

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Jul 25

How to: Easily explore technical artifacts in SharePoint 2010 and even delete site collections and webs

As a SharePoint developer you probably find yourself in the situation where using the SharePoint central administration becomes a rather painful task as many of them take several clicks and it is not easy to obtain a nice tree view of all the information you need and take actions on them. However, if you look …

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Jun 16

How to: turn off custom errors for debugging mode in SharePoint 2010 application pages

Unfortunately custom errors is a setting that lives at the SharePoint site level, not at the ‘application page / _layouts’ level, so you will have to edit the web.config that applies to the entire SharePoint site which is located at: C:inetpubwwwrootwssVirtualDirectories Once there you’ll have to enable 3 different settings that should already be there for …

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