Category: Processes

Jul 27

What is Store.exe? Why does it use almost all my memory?

Exchange 2010 store.exe service   Store.exe is a service that is part of Microsoft Exchange server 2010 and is found on your mailbox server. Many people come across this process as it is known to use a lot of memory from the host machine. If you are running an Exchange server on your machine you …

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Jul 02

What is csrss.exe? (Client/Server Runtime Subsystem)

What is csrss.exe? Many people while running through the Task Manager come across csrss.exe. With the amount of spyware, trojans and other malicious code running around the Internet it is always good to do a check every now and then that your computer is okay. Csrss.exe actually stands for Client/Server Runtime Subsystem and it is …

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Jun 15


Short description: Microsoft Search Component for SQL and Exchange Servers Long description: A process that is used by SQL server and Exchange server for the creation on indexes to hasten search. On my server it looks like it consumes a lot of memory and I’ve read high CPU use is also likely specially if there …

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