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Jan 17

Does Jetpack’s Photon damage Image SEO?

Does JetPack’s Photon damage Image SEO? Thus far I haven’t been able to find concrete proof of this but it probably does have an impact. Why is that? Because the URL being served is from a different site than yours which results in Google or other search engines associating that picture to them not you. …

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Dec 09

How to: Send emails from WordPress in a Linux host

How to: Send emails from WordPress in a Linux host WordPress uses Php libraries in order to send emails. What this means is that if your php is not set up correctly it won’t know how to send emails. I was hoping all it would take was just a few entries with an SMTP server …

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Nov 11

WordPress MultiSite: Remove render-blocking JavaScript: http://[parent-domain]/?dm=[random-string]&action=load&blogid=[Blog-Numer]&siteid=1&t=[A-Time?]&back=[source-page]

WordPress MultiSite: Remove render-blocking JavaScript: script src=’http://[parent-domain]/?dm=[random-string]&action=load&blogid=[Blog-Numer]&siteid=1&t=[A-Time?]&back=[source-page] type=’text/javascript’ So this is the latest in the “I want to improve my Google´s PageSpeed” saga. I was running Google’s PageSpeed to determine what fixes I need to implement on my site to get a higher ranking and hopefully improve the rank it gives to my site. One …

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Nov 06

How to: Improve the performance / speed of WordPress sites running in IIS

How to: Improve the performance / speed of WordPress running in IIS To be entirely honest I am still struggling with this topic. However I have identified a few points that should help improve the performance / speed of a WordPress site running in IIS. Now, if a distinction should be made it would be …

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Jan 25

What is Google Sync?

What is Google Sync? Google Sync was designed to allow access to Google Mail, Calendar and Contacts via the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync® protocol. With the recent launch of CardDAV, Google now offers similar access via IMAP, CalDAV and CardDAV, making it possible to build a seamless sync experience using open protocols. For that reason Google has decided to …

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Jan 25

Google Sync won’t sync correctly my contacts on my iPhone

How to: Sync my Google Contacts with my iPhone or any other iOS device One of the weirdest issues I´ve faced as of late is that my Google Contacts were not being brought in correctly to my iPhone. What was really going on behind the scenes was that all the contacts instead of being imported …

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Jan 18

What is 1e100.net?

What is 1e100.net? Perhaps many of you have come across the domain 1e100.net. As I was working with custom search I noticed my firewall was blocking traffic so the results were not coming up. A little bit of digging revealed the following: Denied Connection Log type: Web Proxy (Forward) Status: 12227 The name on the …

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Jul 26

How to: Add Google Adsense ads to your WordPress site (no plug-ins needed)

If you look out there you’ll find there are a number of plug-ins available for WordPress around using Google ads in your site, but if you are not looking for any fancy functionality/reporting capabilities then you are better off just using the Text widget provided by default in WordPress. Below are some simple instructions on …

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