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Jul 30

80244019 Windows update encountered an unknown error

80244019 Windows update encountered an unknown error Windows update error 80244019 usually refers to an issue downloading the content from the WSUS server. If you look at the Windows Update Log located at %windir%WindowsUpdate.log you´ll probably find entries similar to the one below: 2012-07-30 08:52:57:322 904 b04 DnldMgr WARNING: BITS job {5EA16320-76A6-4D28-83EA-71C39D4FEA55} failed, updateId = {F308F044-A236-4AAD-AE49-DE35D5356FE3}.101, …

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Jul 02

What is csrss.exe? (Client/Server Runtime Subsystem)

What is csrss.exe? Many people while running through the Task Manager come across csrss.exe. With the amount of spyware, trojans and other malicious code running around the Internet it is always good to do a check every now and then that your computer is okay. Csrss.exe actually stands for Client/Server Runtime Subsystem and it is …

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Jun 22

What are Hard Faults per Second?

As anyone who has taken a look at the Task Manager and then into the Performance Monitor, one of the two key metrics “Hard Faults per Second” is an important one to consider. I´ve never been too familiar with this term so I finally decided to research what it really meant (the name has a connotation that …

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Feb 11

How to: Install software when it always displays there are pending actions from a previous install

How to proceed with an installation when the error message: “A Restart from a Previous Installation is Pending” or “There are pending actions from a previous install” or “Setup cannot continue because a restart from a previous installation or update is pending” keeps showing up. In occasions you’ll find yourself unable to install software receiving an …

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Jan 10

How to: Uninstall an Assembly from the GAC (using gactuil)

How to uninstall an assembly (DLL) from the Global Assembly Cache (GAC) using gacutil As a developer in general you’ll find yourself surrounded by version control issues from time to time. Say for example, you are working with a particular library during development and a new version comes out. Sometimes the problems you face using …

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Jun 16

What is “Andrea ST Filters Service”?

What is “Andrea ST Filters Service”(AESTFilters)? Many people wonder what is “Andrea ST Filters” windows service when going through the list of processes that were running on their machine. I was one of them as I was trying to find out what is causing it to run so slowly and one of the processes that was …

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Aug 17

How do you enable remote desktop via group policy?

Q: I have several computers on my enterprise and I don’t want to manually allow remote desktop on each one. How can I enable it either across all computers or target a policy to certain groups?

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