January 2009 archive

Jan 29

Why are my Dynamic Controls not persisting via ViewState

Currently I am having the issue that when I create dynamic controls, even though I re-create them they still lose their respective ViewState. How can I ensure that my Dynamic ASP.Net controls and User Web Controls save their ViewState?

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Jan 29

How to get Textbox value in a multiple item Gridview Templatefield

Currently I have a Gridview that uses the following TemplateField:                     <ItemTemplate>                         <asp:TextBox  ID="txtRangeFrom" runat="server" Text='<%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "ScoreRangeLow") %>' >                         </asp:TextBox>                         &nbsp;<label for="to">To&nbsp;</label>                         &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<asp:TextBox  ID="txtRangeTo" runat="server" Text='<%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "ScoreRangeHigh") %>' >                         </asp:TextBox>                     </ItemTemplate> When trying to update my datasource I have the issue that I can't read the values …

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Jan 22

How can I implement a Singleton pattern in C# .Net?

What is the best way to implement a Singleton in C#? Is there a good reference to find examples that are both optimized for the .Net and C# programming environments? How about an example that is thread safe?

Jan 21

[System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException] = {“Transaction count after EXECUTE indicates a mismatching number of BEGIN and COMMIT statements. Previous count = 0, current count = 1.”}

I get the following error when Excecuting a NonQuery in .Net for a SQL Database (DBCommand.ExecuteNonQuery(cmd)): [System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException] = {"Transaction count after EXECUTE indicates a mismatching number of BEGIN and COMMIT statements. Previous count = 0, current count = 1."} What does this mean?  

Jan 19

Is there a library that I can use to speed my development in Visual Studio?

I am trying to develop applications faster and I don't want to re-envent the wheel. Is there a place where I can find Industry wide accepted standards based library so that I can build code that follows best practices?

Jan 19

How to change the default Project Folder in Microsoft Visual Studio?

  How do you change the default project where Visual Studio creates projects? I am specially interested in this as when you open a Source Safe project it places the files there and having them in a UNC path is troublesome.   

Jan 19

When working with Visual Studio Projects on a Network Share you get “The Project Location is Not Trusted Dialog Box”

Is there a way to avoid having network shares not being trusted by Visual Studio?

Jan 19

Why can’t I add a Source Safe database to my Visual Studio IDE?

After installing Visual Studio 2008 and Source Safe (in order to install the Source Control plug-in) you are unable to add a database and begin working. Why does that happen?

Jan 19

What does the “Enforced” setting do in Group Policy?

Everytime I work with Group Policy I see that there is an option that says "Enforced". This is sort of misleading as Group Policy is always enforced so what does this setting really do?

Jan 19

What ports should I open so that SQL Server 2008 works properly?

I was wondering what ports should I open in either Windows Firewall or a Corporate Firewall so that other computers can communicate with my instance of SQL Server.

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