August 2010 archive

Aug 17

How do you enable remote desktop via group policy?

Q: I have several computers on my enterprise and I don’t want to manually allow remote desktop on each one. How can I enable it either across all computers or target a policy to certain groups?

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Aug 16

Why can’t I use the Disk Management utility for a remote server?

Q: I just installed Windows Hyper-V server R2 and I’m having issues having it recognize other hard drives in the machine. Because this is similar to a Windows server 2008 core installation I don’t have an UI to use the Disk Management utility to troubleshoot what is wrong with the hard drive. I get the …

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Aug 10

How do you get drop downs in Excel to enter data in cells?

Q: I’ve seen spreadsheets where some of the cells are drop downs and allow you to select from a list of values the entry you want to make. How do you configure a cell in Excel to provide a dropdown?

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Aug 06

Microsoft Download Manager – Cannot install in a Windows Server box

For a long time now every time I try to download something from a Microsoft site that uses the download manager I come across different error messages in Internet Explorer, the latest one being:  “An add-on for this website failed to run. Check the security settings in Internet Options for Potential Conflicts.” and it pretty much …

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