How to fix error: 452 4.3.1 Insufficient system resources Private bytes under pressure

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  1. Thanks so much JCarlos for your solution about the Dynamic Memory, We’ve been struggling with this error on our new Hosted Exchange environment for the last couple of months. We’ve tried assigning more ram and everything but it just keeps complaining. Right now it’s complaining about not having enough Private Bytes even though its been dynamically assigned 5GB of Ram and is only using 3.5GB. I will change the Startup Ram to 4GB and leave it still on Dynamic memory so that I can actually increase the memory usage as needed.

    P.S. You’ve got a load of information on this site, how do you find the time to write it all and where do you get all your ideas. Are you in an IT position currently?

    • JCarlos says:

      Yeah, I learned the hard way as well to listen to Microsoft when they advice not do so something. I might suggest if you still want to use dynamic memory assigning a starting memory close to the average RAM your VM uses. The purpose is twofold: first as you point out the private bytes issue but secondly dynamic memory allocation begins well after your computer has booted so having plenty of resources to complete the start up tasks helps a lot. Later on Dynamic Memory will remove the excess RAM according to the usage of it. I suggest this for all the VMs you may have (many leave the 512 mb. that comes by default and that causes sometimes issues and for sure longer boot times than it should). And if it is going to use 5 gb anyway, might as well let it start with that much. That way Exchange also anticipates to have that much available.

      Sadly is not that I have the time but that I need to document the issues I encounter and solutions as it seems they come back every now and then. Searching all over the place is more time consuming that writing about it. Also, I figured others might benefit from that information as well so that’s where most of it comes from. Currently I do some IT work, but once the systems are stable I focus on areas of strategy and operations for the business (as we are a small business). Glad to know this post helped you!

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