How to: Stop iPhoto from opening every time I connect my iPhone or iPad

It’s starting to get really annoying that every time I connect one of my iOS devices iPhoto shows up when all I want to do is either charge the device or sync it. Well, there are two solutions to this problem that I know of:

a) IF you’re on Snow Leopard or later you can configure what application to launch for each device following this instructions:

Plug in your iPhone or iPad (or iPod touch).
Launch Image Capture from our Applications folder
Select your iPhone or iPad (or iPod touch) once it shows up under devices
Look at the lower bottom pane where you’ll see “Connecting this [device] opens”
Set this preference to “No application”

b) If you have a earlier version then all you can do is have the iPhoto app stop opening every time you connect a Camera. Simply open iPhoto and under the first window in preferences you should be able to see the option to launch iPhoto when a camera is connected. Just deselect that and you should be good to go.



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4 Responses

  1. Lostonmac says:

    I don’t have image capture and I don’t have the option in iPhoto to turn off the automatic launch… Any other suggestions?

  2. Bharathi says:

    thank you ..

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