How to: Upgrade your Dash MasterNode to the latest version

How to: Upgrade your Dash MasterNode to the latest version

If you ha’ve set up  a Dash MasterNode you probably thought the worse was over, but after that maniac upgrade cycle that took us through 50 something minor versions and lost payments, you know better now. Fortunately the upgrade process now is simpler and I thought about documenting because everytime I forget even the simple commands.


  1. Make sure you have the latest updates: apt-get upgrade && apt-get update
  2. Get the latest version
    1. Go to and get the download link ( at the time of writting)
    2. Perform a wget:
      1. wget
    1. Validate there weren’t any errors with the download performing a MD5SUM check:
      1. md5sum dash-
      2. The output “7645dbd0d41be87105c7f8dcf06ad105 dash-” needs to match the hatch on the site ( “7645dbd0d41be87105c7f8dcf06ad105 *dash-”
    2. Extract your .tar.gz file
      1. tar -xvzf dash-
    3. Copy the new executable to where you have the old one. Be careful to stop the service/executable before performing the copy, otherwise it won’t happen and you’ll get an error message reading “cp: cannot create regular file ‘/dash/dashd’: Text file busy
      “. You can reboot your machine considering you recently updated Linux and that would stop the process unless you have it to autostart.

      1. cp dash-0.12.0/bin/dashd /dash/dashd
    4. Start your Dash MasterNode
      1. /dash/dashd
        Dash server starting
    5. Check your log file to see if there are any issues
      1. tail -f .dash/debug.log


Congratulations, you’re done! We generally use DashNinja to validate our MasterNodes are running correctly.

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