NTP Server: How to test client connectivity from an Ubuntu client

As I was working on setting up an NTP Server for our local network, I wanted to make sure it was set up properly and working. To do so, I looked up for a way to do a simple thing like run a command con the cli and get information back. On windows you can use W32Time so this time I am going to cover how to do it on a linux/ubuntu client.

Using ntpdate you can easily query an NTP server like so (you might need to first install it using sudo apt install ntpsec-ntpdate)

$ ntpdate -q pool.ntp.org
2019-12-16 21:57:34.6713 (+0000) +0.031568 +/- 0.103280 pool.ntp.org s1 no-leap

Make sure you use the -q switch which makes sure it only queries the time server (but makes no changes to your local system). 

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