How to solve: Apache error .htaccess: ForceType not allowed here

How to solve: Apache error .htaccess: ForceType not allowed here

I turned on some .htaccess rules in order for the cache to perform faster but unfortunately it came with some unintended consequences: A bunch of 500 error pages and in the log files one of the errors was [Core:Alert] /../.htaccess: ForceType not allowed here.

I am not sure what this means and I could not find a thing about it, but because it only showed up in a sub directory I had I matched another directory’s AllowOverride rule and that solved the issue:

I had AllowOverride Indexes but when I added Limit Options and FileInfo the error went away. so the final line in the virtual host conf file is:

AllowOverride Limit Options FileInfo Indexes

Hope this helps people who are encountering this error and if you have any idea why it comes up please share it with us via comments. Thanks!

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