Useful Ubuntu Service commands

Useful Ubuntu Service commands

Ubuntu daemons/services/etc. have a few commonalities that are worth knowing when working with them. For example, from what I have read there is a way to reload the configuration changes without having to stop/start a service but I haven’t fully tested that yet. Below are a few command and things worth knowing:

  • To start a service:
    • service nginx start
  • To stop a service:
    • service nginx stop
  • To restart a service:
    • service nginx restart
  • To reload a service’s configuration:
    • service nginx reload

Now, not all services offer the same kind of options. You could always type service followed by the service name and then press the tab key twice on the keyboard for Ubuntu to show you a list of available commands for your service. You might be surprised that sometimes there are more options than the ones you have used.

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