Resolve: DPM 2012 R2 Installation error “DPM configuration failed (ID: 4081)”

Resolve: DPM 2012 R2 Installation error “DPM configuration failed (ID: 4081)”

When installing Data Protection Management on a remote SQL server you might come across a few issues like the running credentials on a SQL server and configuration error 4081. In the first case you are asked to run SQL Server Services under either computer or domain credentials instead of the buitin users. The issue arrises that even local machine credentials won´t do for DPM. At this point you either create domain credentials for those services or you can temporarily use a domain credential and after install revert back to local machine credentials.

DPM configuration failed (ID: 4081) arises as the DPM server is not able to query the SQL Server machine for different information. For this to work you need to enable a firewall exception that permits the communication the server is trying to do. There is a prebuilt entry titled “Allow for remote Virtual Machine management”. If you enable that Firewall rule this error disappears. You can simply turn off Windows Firewall to determine if that is the culprit, and if so try the rule I mentioned or research what rule you need to implement. Don´t forget to be sure all services that are set to automatic start are running as basic remote management services and DCOM are needed for the installation to remotely query SQL server for the necessary prerequisites.

I have found disabling temporarily the Windows Firewall makes life much easier than playing around with its settings but that’s just me. You need to make sure whatever you do fits with your corporate policies and you don’t put your server in any kind of security risk.

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