What is: fsdmhost.exe

What is: fsdmhost.exe

Fsdmhost.exe is the executable file for the Microsoft File Server Data Management Host process. Thus far a lot of people run into this process on a Windows 2012 server because it is in charge of data de-duplication. As most of you would have found out, this process can become resource intensive. The service uses a lot of RAM, CPU and Disk resources as it is computing the de-duplication chunks while reading and writing to the hard drive. It is perfectly normal for this process to be one of your most demanding at times.

If this process is continuously demanding most of your serve resources, look into improving the de-duplication performance by better adjusting your de-duplication settings. Eventually the serve should also normalize as the initial de-duplication faces come to an end. Regardless, optimal settings for your system should be in place to avoid performance issues.

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