Windows Server 2012 Powershell commandlets

Windows Server 2012 list of Powershell commandlets & a few common ones

With the release of Windows Server 2012 server powershell got a few changes as well. There are some quick start guides available here: that will make most tasks in the command prompt much easier. Below are a few common commandlets that can be useful to know:

Installation and removal of Windows features (always useful if you are running a core installation):

  • Install-WindowsFeature – ServerManagerCmd.exe. Can install Windows Roles and Features.
  • Remove-WindowsFeature – ServerManagerCmd.exe. Can uninstall Windows Roles and Features.

Some general IP / Network commands:

  • Get-NetIPConfiguration – IPConfig. Obtain IP addresses for network adapters.
  • New-NetFirewallRule – Netsh Advfirewall Add. Can add a new Windows Firewall rule.
  • Get-NetTCPConnection – Netstat. Can retrieve statistics of TCP connections.
  • Get-NetRoute – Route Print. Can display network routing.
  • New-SmbMapping – Net Use. Can map a network path.

Service / Computer management:

  • Restart-Computer – shutdown.exe. Can restart local or remote computers.
  • Start-Service – Net Start. Can start a Windows service.
  • Stop-Service – Net Stop. Can stop a Windows service
  • Restart-Service – Net Stop | Net Start. Can restart a Windows service.
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