Pro Tools: Json

Pro Tools: Json

I’ve recently started working on a small programming project on the site. It has been a while since I’ve done any programming, so seeing all the new technologies and cloud offerings I must confess I am as excited and fascinated as I am daunted by how much there is and how far it has evolved. This brings us to today’s post: “Pro Tools: Json.” As you probably know Json is used widely nowadays to exchange information over API calls. Seems the days of XMLs are in the past, and although I ignore the reasons I do welcome Json (mostly because I have no choice I guess, but still.) So as I am welcomed into this new world full of Json (I had already used it extensively in configuration files for different applications out there) I figured I would start a collection of different tools I have found that have helped a lot. Hope this helps others as well!

I am not sure how it is with other programming languages, but in C# you’ve just got to serialize and deserialize your objects. As you work with any dataset there is nothing quite like representing the data in your familiar object data structure. Because of this, you need a tool that can help you get the classes you require to be able to deserialize the json into something you can manage with your application’s logic. Here comes Json2CSharp. As the name implies, you just provide it some json and it will generate for you the classes. Makes life much simper specially when you are starting or are having a hard time reading the json. A must have tool!


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