How to: Initialize a .Net Dictionary at the variable declaration level

How to: Initialize a Dictionary with a Collection Initializer

Sometimes in your project you want to initialize a Dictionary or other sort of collection at the declaration level so you don’t have to manually use the .add() methods and write a separate method in which to execute them. A prime example is a dictionary that is going to be static and used across the entire application and you don’t expect it to change. The code below offers an example of how to initialize a dictionary when you’re declaring the variable:

Dictionary<int, StudentInfo> students = new Dictionary<int, StudentInfo>()
    { 111, new StudentInfo {FirstName="Sachin", LastName="Karnik", PhoneNumber="123-456-7890"}},
    { 112, new StudentInfo {FirstName="Dina", LastName="Salimzianova", PhoneNumber="123-456-7890"}},
    { 113, new StudentInfo {FirstName="Andy", LastName="Ruth", PhoneNumber="123-456-7890"}}

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