Changes with NginX 1.5.12 – URGENT

Changes with NginX 1.5.12

Below are the list of changes from the 1.5.11 release of NginX to version 1.5.12. This is provided as reference only and was obtained from: This update includes a security fix so it is considered an urgent update to deploy.


Changes with nginx 1.5.12                                        18 Mar 2014

    *) Security: a heap memory buffer overflow might occur in a worker
       process while handling a specially crafted request by
       ngx_http_spdy_module, potentially resulting in arbitrary code
       execution (CVE-2014-0133).
       Thanks to Lucas Molas, researcher at Programa STIC, Fundación Dr.
       Manuel Sadosky, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    *) Feature: the "proxy_protocol" parameters of the "listen" and
       "real_ip_header" directives, the $proxy_protocol_addr variable.

    *) Bugfix: in the "fastcgi_next_upstream" directive.
       Thanks to Lucas Molas.

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