Using Windows Time Services to sync time

When working with Windows Server what I've noticed some times is that over time the system time is off and if you had some sort of hardware failure or use virtual machines, there is a good chance your system clock might be off. To avoid this, I made some research and found that Windows Server usually syncs with a server that is higher in the active directory forest structure, but if you are the Domain Controller and there is no other server to sync with, by default you just don't. After reading some kbs at Microsoft I figured how to set the Windows Time Services to sync with an external time source (please note that some servers out there are very precise and you would have to call Microsoft to get the patch to make it work… I got too lazy and chose a less precise server and it worked great!)

So go ahead and read the following websites: and

Basically the first walkthrough helps you tell the W32Time that it should sync with an external source, how to do it and where it is. The second one just so you know how to go about setting your client computers if you need to. In my case as it is a domain, I just use the command "w32tm /resync" and it re-syncs with my server giving me the right time on my computers.

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