Why arent’ the correct Tags being displayed on my Wiki?

After playing with the Wiki functionality I've noticed that the "Tag Cloud" widget is not working properly. I am not sure how to replicate this issue as on different occasions I get different results. I would almost say there is a random function that says "Display tags for Random wiki" instead of the right wiki. Sometimes it’s the right one, sometimes it isn't. 

If someone could take a look at the site in question, you can see for yourself what I am talking about. I have attached a screenshot of the page so you can see the Tags being displayed and the Tags in "Filed under" section. Obvious the "File under" sections should be a subset of the "Tags" for the entire Wiki, which is not the case. 

I think this is a bug and if someone is experiencing the same issue or knows if this is being addressed I would appreciate any feedback. I've posted this as well in the forums for Community Server but haven't got an answer yet.


Thank you.



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