How to de-authorize a computer you no longer have from iTunes?

You can find the details on apple’s website at: support page on deauthorization.

In essence, you go into iTunes, login into your account via the iTunes store. Once in you can select the “view account” option and there if you have 5 machines you should be able to see the “deauthorize all” button. After this you’ll have to authorize your computers again but should help you get rid of old machines you’ve had authorized in the past that you no longer have / or you reinstalled.


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  1. David Weller says:

    Hi Juan, found this site while looking for info on windows 10 services which brought another question to mind. This Juan guy seems to know everything bought everything PC, so here’s my ????
    Is it possible to remotely connect an iPhone 6+ to a windows 10 PC???
    3 thoughts: either not possible, (hard to believe), nobody else thought of it, (also hard to believe), or I’m using the wrong search parameters, (probable).
    Spent couple hrs searching this site and your blog site, nothing.
    Hope you can help.

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